Our Services

Home Again (formerly Los Angeles Society) is an Irish Charity founded in 1965 by the late Fr. Michael Sweetman S.J. and a group of individuals concerned about children sleeping rough in Dublin because of family breakdowns. The name reflects the mission of providing residential accommodation for homeless children in a family, rather than an institutional environment.

Home-again-4Since our foundation Home Again has provided a caring and stable home environment to over 400 children – many of whom have been driven from their homes by circumstances most of us can hardly imagine or certainly have not experienced – including sexual abuse, violence, drug and alcohol addiction and abandonment. In these difficult circumstances our mission is to provide as real a sense of home as possible – providing them with not only a roof over their heads, but enabling them, supported by our caring staff, to grow up in as normal an environment as possible.

The children go to local primary and secondary schools and are encouraged to take part in sport and recreational activities. In short, we endeavour to let them grow up in as normal an environment as possible. We are active in seeking suitable job training and employment for them when they have completed their education.

Aftercare House

As part of its ongoing policy of providing support to those who leave our care, in 2015 Home Again purchase a house in Dublin 12. We were very conscious of finding a house that is close to schools and colleges and with good transport links and which would not be in an area where the residents would feel isolated. In keeping with our tradition the house has a homely feel to it, to reinforce self-esteem and a sense of belonging.