How to Get Involved

Your donations and your time can help change the lives of young homeless people. There are lots of ways you can help some of the most marginalised young people receive residential care that is as close as possible to being a family home.


Organise a table quiz, run, walk, climb a mountain! If you are taking part in an event please consider raising funds for Home Again. You can easily create your own fundraising page on and to receive donations. Contact us by email at to talk about your ideas.

From time to time Home Again organises fundraising events. Watch this space for upcoming activities.


Home Again relies on the volunteer members of its Board in order to operate. If you feel that you have an expertise that could benefit our organisation then we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are prepared to make a commitment in time, energy or with a specialised skill we would love to hear from you.


We are delighted to have recently partnered with Sherry Fitzgerald and are recognised as their charity of choice.

Does your company have a charity that it raises funds for? Consider Home Again as your charity of choice. Charities that deal with the homeless have been consistently popular with companies who are anxious to give something back. So if you are organising a fun event or participating in a wider fundraising appeal bear us in mind. We would be delighted to work with you at any time to maximise the impact that we could have together. Find out more about how your company can help »

Leave a legacy

When the time comes to think of your legacy please keep us in mind. This is a highly tax efficient way of giving and will ensure that your money makes a lasting impact in years to come. You will have our assurance that any donations will be carefully managed by us for the optimum benefit to the children at all times.


Home Again develops links with local schools to provide as much continuity for the children’s education as possible ideally maintaining them in their own school. When school itself is problematic we will arrange for appropriate external tuition which we fund ourselves. We also provide car transport to bring the children to school when public transport is not an option. Find out more about how your school can help »

House Holiday

During the year we organise a variety of breaks and vacations. These are a crucial part of providing a family environment for the children in our care. The holidays include activities such as kayaking, fishing, camping, outdoor pursuits, sports and cultural trips, all intended to build confidence and well-being.

The more we have at our disposal financially the better the experience we can provide on these outings. The more you give the more we can do.