Fundraising information for Students

Would you and your class be interested in organising a fundraising activity on our behalf as part of the civic development of your students?

Not every child or young person in the country is lucky enough to have a stable family setup. Sometimes there is a real problem at home. Sometimes children are bereaved or perhaps there is a family breakdown. Sometimes there are behaviour or emotional problems. And sometimes when a child is in foster care it doesn’t work out. Some need our services for a short time until the family situation is sorted out, sometimes longer term help is needed. Our organisation, Home Again, offers such children and young people a home for as long as they need it.

Home-again-2What we do

We’ve had more than 400 children and young people through our doors. They live in one of our homes, go to school, take part in sports, and generally get on with everyday life. We try to provide a nice homely atmosphere where children can relax and feel safe.

Why fundraise for Home Again

Young people are generous by nature. You want to help others, help the world. Think of us as one group who could do with your support-young people helping other young people at a tough point in their lives.

Fundraising-linkHow you can help

If your school or class wants to do some fundraising for a charity think of Home Again. How you fundraise is up to you (see our fundraising ideas) but might include such things as sponsored events such as runs or walks, car boot sales, or even a duck race! Even better if you come up with a new idea. Be sure to let us know if you are fundraising for us.

Where your money will go

Your fundraising will help us maintain our houses and flats. We have to pay staff, buy food, and pay boring old bills like electricity and gas. But we also take our children on holidays and activities like camping or kayaking and fun days out. This all takes money.

How your donation helps »

Tell Teacher

Be sure to get your teacher’s permission before you start any kind of fundraising! Remember safety first at all times and we would ask you not to fund raise door to door.

Get in Touch

Email us on or tel: 01 2351486 for any queries or to arrange a visit from one of us to your school.