Fundraising information for Teachers

Home-again-internal-legs-in-woodsWould you and your class be interested in organising a fundraising activity on our behalf as part of the civic development of your students?

From an educational point of view students would become familiar with an aspect of our society that is often overlooked. At any time some 6,000 children in Ireland are not living at home and some 600 are in residential care. Many of these would be the exact peer group of your own students. They suffer from socio-economic disadvantage, family crises, bereavements and simply from not having the home environment the majority of us would consider to be normal. Home Again tries to provide that environment.

We would assist you in any practical way possible and would love for your students to take ownership of any project you come up with. The idea would be for them to benefit to the greatest extent from the work they undertake and derive the maximum opportunity to learn in a way that would stand to them in their own development.

As well as being of possible benefit for C.P.S.E. studies fundraising now provides many opportunities for learning about digital and social media which could give students experience that could have relevance to business studies. Many companies now see corporate philanthropy as core element of their business and any experience which students might gain in this area could stand them well in the pursuit of a business career and not solely in their personal development.

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Key skills students may acquire through a fundraising project:

Planning & Brainstorming
Creativity & Artistic Inputs
Critical Evaluation & Analysis
Digital & Internet Resourcing
Business & Marketing Insights
Social Awareness
The Role of Philanthropy
The Impact of Money (and it’s absence)
Career Development Awareness


Fundraising Do’s & Don’ts

Do make sure you have insurance where needed.
Do have First Aid in place as appropriate.
Do have Gárda permission for any activities that require it-if in doubt check.
Do put safety and personal security first at all times.
Do have fun!

Don’t spend a huge amount of money in the hope of making a lot back.

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Email us on or tel: 01 2351486 for any queries or to arrange a visit from one of us to your school.